It’s Off to The Big City For a Few Days

Its off to Houston for a few days to meet with clients and get ready on some cases that need to get finished up. I am a great believer in finishing the old cases that I can finish when I can finish them outright. I still have a very few left in Houston and I’ll do my best to complete those that I can as quickly as I can.

I really enjoy saying that I’ve accomplished something when it comes to finishing cases and the ones I have left in Houston are no exception for me. Anyway, I am loading up my car which just got hit in the parking lot and going to Htown.

I really enjoy visiting Htown and while I’m there, I can go to several places in anticipation of having just a little time to do some neat things. I like to go to different restaurants and occasionally, I’ll go to movies or just hang out with some of my friends. This trip is different though, I’ve got business to attend to and so I doubt I’ll have any extra time to get anything else done.

It’s kinda funny when it’s business how I don’t have a bunch of time to do anything else other than business, but I’ll probably go and do something different like take my babe magnet (my car) into the clinic to fix its scrapes and bruises it got while parked. Or I might even go and attend some meetings that I really enjoy going to when I’m in Houston. Anyway, it’s off to Htown I go. Now how this relates to a jury trial is kinda different today and here goes,,,, sometimes just the anticipation of an event or occurrence is enough to get you excited for awhile. Remember, there are actually some who really enjoy serving on a jury and to them it’s exciting. Have a nice day.


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