So No Ammo Available Today

Now every once in awhile, I go check what supplies are available and today I see that most of the ammo I desire is not available at all. I get concerned that some of the ammo may never be available, so what’ll I do? I can order some online and wait a period of time until it becomes available, or I can pay outrageous rates to get it today.¬† Fortunately, most of the ammo I want is in my safe and I probably couldn’t use all the ammo I have,,, but you never know.

I notice that when objects become scarce,, they increase in price and as long as demand is there, the objects remain high in price. I guess that’s the scaracity principle people talk about and I’m certain that this principle is one that can affect jurors also. It kinda works like this in a jury trial.

If a juror senses that an object is scarce and the demand for it is great,, they will react and tend to horde that item, even if they don’t know anything about the item. It is a tendency that all of us have,,, if we sense that an object is scarce and demand is high,, we will do everything we can to get that object regardless of whether we need it or not. It’s just human nature, plain and simple.

So what I’m saying is this,,, when the jury perceives that justice is scarce and the price to obtain it is high,,, they will do everything they can to get it. Have a nice day,, I’m off to court.


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