So Concealed License Class It Is

Its Sunday and it’s time to renew my concealed handgun license. You see, in Texas we can carry a handgun if we pass a test and pay a fee to the government. We must clear a background check and the like, but if we pass, we can carry. I enjoy being able to carry,,, it sometimes gives me a great feeling of relief. I usually carry a pistol or gun when I’m on the ranch because you never know what will appear out of nowhere.

Occasionally, I’m very glad to be able to carry in the big city. I go to some very unsecured areas when investigating cases and being in the city like that, I’m liable to come across those who might want to do some harm.  I’ve never had to use my weapon on anyone, but if necessary,,, I would. End of story. I’ve got too many things to do yet only to be cut short by some hooligan intent on doing harm. It ain’t gonna happen on my watch.

Another advantage of having a license is you can purchase guns without the waiting period. That’s a real plus especially when it comes to buying guns at auction like I do. Anyway, I’m in favor of concealed licensing as you might be able to tell.

So here’s how I relate this post to a jury trial. It’s nice to be prepared and to have an equalizer on you for use in an emergency. Sometimes in trial, emergencies arise and having the right weapon makes the difference. Have a nice day,,, I’m off to shoot.

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