Man It’s Tight Out There

Holy Mackerel, it sure is tight out there. I mean with the economy the way it is, it makes it difficult to make ends meet. I suppose I’ll have to wait until next year to buy that new Ferrari, I always dream about. You know the one that comes equipped with the swimsuit model.  Anyway, there’s always next year right? So here I am facing the worst economic downturn in modern times and I go out and start over again in a new area where very, very few people know me at all.

I’m constantly being told that this “starting over” is not a good thing; that the costs have gone up on everything else except my legal services; that if I don’t produce more money, well you in America know the story. (Thanks Chuckwagon Sally). On and on it goes until the wheels of finances come to a screeching halt, with me right in the middle of it. I never claim to be a great businessman, just a damn good trial lawyer. Money never is my goal, it is just necessary to do the things I like to do.

I suppose it’s my fault my income is down and I know it is. I am the one who moves from a big city practice to a small town practice. I resist the temptation of buying a new dehydrator, a new television, even though my old one is broken and other trappings of supposed wealth, just to get a few things that I need.  Along the way, I am trying to pay bills. It is damn near impossible with my income being reduced by 50% or better, but then again I choose this route. I need to quit believing that I am entitled to something for free, when I know I’m not.

I am a spendaholic. Maybe there is a 12 step program for me. I suppose it will go something like this:

1. I am powerless over spending, that my life is unmanageable. (Probably so, as I would rather buy new things than pay off bills).

2. I really don’t need this thing I’m convincing myself I can’t live without.

3. If I wait, a sale may come along or my compulsion to buy this item might just go away.

4. If I ever get out of debt, I’ll go back in, but to a lesser degree.

5. I should pay off those high interest cards and not charge more.

6. Do you really need to eat out again?

7. Remember, pay the rent first.

8. Remember, pay the insurance second.

9. Remember, pay the IRS.

10. Remember, pay the bills before buying that “can’t live without item” you so desperately need / want today.

11. Remember, if you don’t make money, you can’t buy stuff you don’t need, but you’ll also not eat.


There you have it, a 12 step program for spendaholics like me.  I hope I can follow these simple steps. I find that researching for prices and buying used has helped me decrease spending. I also find that waiting has helped me get into line. I never know what my income will be, so I can’t really budget like other folks, but I try. Besides, do any of you know how much fertilizer costs these days?

Well, this new year I am better, I like to keep a list of things I don’t buy, so that I feel better and here is my list:

New TV  $2,500.00 or more. New Dehydrator $450.00. New toys $2,000.00 or more. Yes, I am making progress although it’s a struggle.

Now how does this relate in any way to a jury trial? Well, it’s like this, your juror may be struggling with some addictions that you need to see if you have. Sharing that common feeling will help get your client justice. Have a nice day, I’ll try not to buy too much today.


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