Do You Obsess Way Too Much? I Know I Certainly Do

I am not a psychiatrist, but I know myself well enough to know that I am a selfish, spoiled brat who obsesses over most things I want. I never really examined this behavior intently, even though I know it is there within me and pokes it ugly head out at times. But today, I feel the need to recognize this behavior and perhaps take steps to understand it better. I believe that understanding yourself better, makes you a better trial lawyer because you ultimately become a better person.

So why now, you might ask,, I mean why examine this cruel behavior at all? I know it’s time to do so. I find myself slipping back into this mode where I am overly obsessed with things that don’t really matter, except that I want what I want, when I want it. This behavior distracts me from preparing for trial and helping my fellow human. It affects my personal growth and ultimately my financial welfare. It is time.

I can’t really blame anything on my childhood, I come from parents who have the depression era mentality,  something I wish I had more of but don’t. I probably need to examine where this behavior came from. Maybe it’s because I want things as a child and am always whining until I get them, or maybe it’s because of my past use of alcohol that causes me to act the way I do, but whatever reason, real or imagined, I must deal with this compulsion that I obviously have.

So how to deal with this compulsion without paying a fortune for psychiatrists? I have some knowledge about this that I will share with those that care. It seems there is a school of thought from those experts that believe your childhood shapes you into who you are and it seems there is another school of thought that says we are what we are because we choose to do so. Now in my opinion, none of these “schools of thought” do much to solve the problem, real or imagined, that I have discovered in myself. I just know that either of these “schools of thought” will charge a tremendous amount of money to tell you these things, and spend more and more money trying to cure them.

Perhaps the real solution is not to cure the behavior, but to recognize it and understand why. I mean, I see some cowboys “correct” cattle with a cattle prod, and it probably just pisses off the cow more than it does good. I wonder what would happen if the root of the problem were addressed?

Here at the ranch, we have a tree or nuisance shrub, called mesquite. The problem with mesquite is it is like an iceberg, only a small portion of the entire plant is visible above ground. Trying to kill this invasive species by cutting off the above ground part will never address the endless supply of below ground “roots” that continue to thrive and re sprout. If you don’t get the “crown bulb” at the root of the mesquite tree, it does no good to try and correct the problem. I guess some psychiatrists may not practice this principle based on what I hear their fees are.

So anyway, how do you solve the problem? It is through an intensive self examination in a trusting, non-judgmental environment, such as Rogers spoke about, that is very helpful in examining this behavior and ultimately understanding it. Dive right in, do not hesitate, your life is at stake.

Understanding myself better makes me a better person and a much better trial lawyer. Again, the $10,000.00 horse versus the $10,000.00 saddle principle at work. Becoming a better you makes you a better trial lawyer. I hope your lawyer decides to examine his or her self and find the real them. Have a nice day, I’m off to work on myself.


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