And That’s All This Ole Country Lawyer Wrote

I’ve come to an ending of a part of my life,, a time to put away the pen,, at least for now.

I’m in a new stage in my life and it is time to put the beginnings on something other than paper. It’s time to say goodbye.

In less than 2 years,, this ole country lawyer has grown into one of the largest read legal blogs in the good ole USA and world,, and now,, it’s time to continue the journey elsewhere.

You see,,, I survived,, yes,, I survived the homelessness, the divorce,, the serious infections,, the pain of living and felt the joy of living,, all sharing it with you,, the audience.

It is time to begin the journey in a different path,, one of new life and new lessons.

I am present and always will value the  time and energy spent on telling the truth about me and sharing me with you.

I will write again,, from my new home,, as a phoenix rises from the dust,, so will I.

Until we meet again,, happy trials or is it happy trails?

May peace be with you always and know I love each and every one of you,, whether you want me to or not.

Paul J. Smith


2 Responses to “And That’s All This Ole Country Lawyer Wrote”

  1. elizabeth scofield pankhurst Says:

    Dear Paul:

    I shall miss reading your thoughts and feelings – so accurate and so personal on so many levels!

    You are in our thoughts and prayers. Please take care of yourself.


  2. Beth Says:

    Dear Paul,

    Funny, today I saw you again and thought… I really should start reading Paul’s blog. Only to discover you retired the keystroke. Well, how interesting that I think I may actually like to try this form of communication. Well, until we meet again, I want you to know I have never met anyone so brutally honest and still make one thankful to have heard the truth. You are truly one of a kind.


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