Month One Of A New Journey

Well, I’ve been here in my new apartment for one month now and it is different. I’ve gone from a very large spread to an area of around 621 square feet and have gone from several clients to just a few.

I must say in this month it is challenging, different and above all,, interesting. I meet and greet new friends as I try to build a new business from the ground up again.

I usually use the same formula that I have been using for years,, one of beginning by taking very small steps and then growing. I begin by asking the courts to appoint me to indigent cases, until I get going and then usually get some retained cases.

As I am doing this, I am noticing that the growth is smaller than usual and the financial rewards are not as good,, so maybe it’s time to try a new strategy,, along with keeping the old one going.

I guess the economy is effecting everyone in a way that those in power don’t realize. I suppose that the great depression is a time of thought and a time of personal struggle and a way to make do with what we have,, although,, it has been an interesting ride.

I really enjoy my change in my situation and can only offer my experience strength and hope of a better day. Just for today, just for me,, I believe it will get better and in the end,, the living day by day in the moment is the answer,, now I just need a question.



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