Have You Suffered From Trauma?

Trauma is defined loosely as a loss of life, limb or of a belief system. I know, just for me,, that the traumas I suffer from are from are mostly about suffering loss of a belief system.

It seems that when one of my clients is arrested,,, he or she undergoes some trauma or another. I see it over and over and over. To the newly accused in their first criminal case to those that have been betrayed by a surgeon,, trauma happens along the way.

Sometimes, I am able to quickly pinpoint the trauma, and other times,, I am not. It is not my job to be a therapist, banker, mother or father to my clients,, it is my responsibility, however, to ensure that my client is taking care of him or her self in a healthy way during the trauma and afterwards.

I have times in my practice when I am thought of as a healer,, then I’ve days when I not thought of in that matter. I am not a hero,, I just am able to solve problems for my clients somewhat quickly.

I often see people who never get treatment for their traumas, but do go on a function like a”normal” individual. I believe those cases are few and far between. I feel like it is always the case that most of my clients go untreated for this affliction.

I see a new area old litigation that is and had begun developing,, that of PTSD after a trauma is suffered. For instance,, almost 3 years ago,, I was sideswiped by another car and to this day,, every time  see a car about to turn into the opposite lane, I get an intense sense of panic and anxiety. I respond by using my built-in defense mechanisms that I have recently developed and grab the steering wheel very tightly and swerve into the other lane of traffic to avoid the traffic that is merging or turning into me.

I know that’s silly,, or is it?  I mean for me is very real with pictures of me dying on the road. I know most of you don’t react the same way, however, I do.

So is that a form of PTSD,,, or is it just paranoid? I don’t know,, except this,, it affects me n a way it shouldn’t and can be treated. Peace.


2 Responses to “Have You Suffered From Trauma?”

  1. higher power Says:

    A new cause of action

  2. DKNun Says:

    My BROTHERINLAW referred me to the lawyer I retained to represent me (named in Will heir to 50% of estate). I did this immediately after I found out that the Will had been filed with the court for probate for over five months before I heard about it. I only found out after motions had been filed that were groundless and slanderous. I thought I was doing the right thing to hire a lawyer. I trusted her because I trusted this “brother”. I asked her to handle this without trying to make every nickel and dime in my half handed over,and both the homes put in a position that would force the homes to be lost to possess half the dollar value of the houses and contents….I made a HUGE mistake telling her I why I wanted her to help get this estate closed as quickly, fairly, lawfully, and honorably as possible. I had made a bad mistake in trusting her or to assume she even cared about understanding that I valued making sure that my family would be the first concern for what was settled in the ownership and possession of the estate. I told her the truth about the disfunctional members of this surviving family and why these first motions were so crazy…I told her in writing the details of this family and details about me that were intended to explain to her what she was working with and why I was asking her to not make every dollar of my inheritance my goal. It would have been extremely easy to disprove the claims of those first motions by just presenting my documents of evidence to the court….SHE DID NOTHING! I did not know I was being screwed for a year! She had a conflict of interest that I found out about a year and a half too late. She used every detail of my PTSD all on one special day; She had withheld very important tax documents in her possession, had supportred delays from the other side so one of the other attorneys could spend months out of Texas facing his own criminal charges and conviction! She used everything she knew about me to destroy me, my family, the estate, and everything I ever believed about American justice, honor, the truth, the law, or trust.
    She had a written request from me to get copies of my psychiatrist’s files! She is a monster. She is still a lawyer. She dishonors everyone including herself, but she knows that what she does will not be contested or held against her by any of her fellows….it’s called ‘professional courtesy’, right? It’s “how it works”. It is also a big part of what’s destroying this country. It doesn’t really matter that I had PTSD already, because the losses she caused go beyond anything I ever suffered before. The ‘P’ in PTSD now stands for ‘permanent’, not ‘post’…..

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