San Antonio And Sick

I am in Dallas this week recovering from a 3 day seminar on personal development when I catch a cold there. I leave Dallas Friday night and go directly to New Braunfels where I live and then Saturday morning,,, I travel to San Antonio for another 2 day intensive seminar.

Somewhere along the way,, I get sick and have this tremendous head cold coupled with a sore throat. I am troubled that self-improvement comes at such a high cost for me health wise.

As I arrive home last night,, I spend time on the phone with several friends and clients,, then I go to the workout rooms here and begin my version of a short work out.

I do some cardio work, then I use the dumbbells to do some muscle-building and toning,, along with stretching.  I end the workout by sitting in the steam sauna for a few minutes,, hoping it will help sweat the cold out,,, it doesn’t. I think I’ll take a steam sauna this morning.

I guess the only remedy is rest and more rest until the very act of getting better is accomplished. I often wonder what people did before antibiotics and nasal decongestants? How in the hell did they survive?

Anyway,, it’s back here for a while and then it’s off to an other adventure and trial. I still am feeling the effects of the injury I received in New York and just haven’t slowed down long enough to stop feeling the effects of the hospital stay.

I hope all is well for those who read this nonsense and may each of you find joy, happiness and peace as you journey throughput your day.


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