On Seeking Balance, Safety And Me

I love the interesting looks I take at myself in the mirror and see the complexity of my life,,, the traumas being lived out in full color in front of those who are my trusted close friends and want only to help me.

I see certain patterns in my life and deeply examine the roots of them in order for me to understand the life and lies I am living on a daily basis. I see the dramas put into action and realize that I must purge my system to gain understanding, growth and love of both myself and others.

I see the diseases I suffer from and am quite certain that the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning in my simple life transposed by a year of great changes.

I live this year homeless, broke, divorced, violated and yet I am whole to begin anew. I long for the security of the items of crap I accumulated in my lifetime,, only to see them evaporate and be taken from me,, and somehow a sense of calmness over comes me in my moment of sorrow. You see, I am free to be me.

I have been shunned by those in power as a voice too powerful to answer,, yet if ignored,, maybe the “man” will refuse to recognize me or my ideas.

How horrible it must be for an ego then the man to admit a mistake,,, how powerful it must be for him to acknowledge that his time on his earth is almost done and his dream must never be carried on.,, or it will fail.

Perhaps safety and  balance are the cornerstones of any relationship,, never codependency, alcohol, drugs, sex, food or many other addictions that occur in life.

May peace be with you as you look into your mirror in your life.


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