And So, the End Is A New Beginning

I write what the fuck I feel and when I feel death, I write about it. When I feel life,, I write about that. Yesterday, I write about the certain death of an organization I love, because it will revert to the antithesis of the founders belief’s.

A great man, who I love so very much send me on a path to explore myself and do good for those who can’t. I have never equated success with money,  but I also know there are those who judge a book by its cover,, and here we are in the present-day.

I see a tremendous conflict in the beliefs of someone who has devoted his life to justice being torn apart at his very soul,, knowing that the idea he created must survive,, yet how?

The preaching continues against the oppression, yet the survival of the organization must depend on the very existence of the thing this great man spends his time hurting in the name of justice.

Sadly,, we all go and in the end,, the only possibility to carry on this magnificent dream is by utilizing the corporation,, the most evil of all mechanisms invented by those in power,, save and except the churches,

How must that feel being torn apart by those very principles argued against for a lifetime. Yet there is another way,, one that doesn’t violate his principles,, one that is utilized quite frequently.

There is a family limited partnership that could be formed among the rather large family that is gathering,, (the tribe,, if you will) , with family members be given shares to each one.

This is not a corporation,, but an entity that serves the good of all the members,, and allows direct and proper communication and input by all,,not just the “select few” who have been chosen to take this wonderful gift and brilliant idea into the life beyond the founder.

I’m just a dumb ole country lawyer,, but dammit,, this will work,, it will answer questions of the alumni and allow a proper board,, better interaction and a more complete integration of the ripple in the force.

In the end,, this idea will be tossed aside as frivolous, stupid, idiotic, impossible,, and a thousand other excuses,, but the organization will die without change,, because the principle of the founder is against the corporation,, he just didn’t say a damn thing about family limited partnerships with alumni family members as limited partners.

You see, I love this organization,, but I see and feel death coming on,, unless a change is made. I hope someone will read this ridiculous post and live forever.



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