Why Is It That Men With Great Egos Destroy What They Create?

I’m just a dumb ole country lawyer, but I notice things that others might not. I feel things that others might not be aware of and I hear things others don’t. I mean I hear the real emotion behind the words they speak,, not just some gobbly-gook they spew from their mouths.

I feel where others must analyze,, I work backwards instead of forwards and I, just different than others,, see things others don’t see. For instance, some may see a cloudy, overcast, dreary, slow morning,,, where I see and feel the softness of the air,, complete with the sprinkling of drops of moisture slowly bathing my skin.

I see the beginning of another beautiful day,, when others have to go to fucking work to slave for “the man” for a dollar and a gold watch. I see beauty in the darkest moments and sometimes dark in the most beautiful moments. I wonder if I’m alone?

So,, it seems to me that this fine morning in Dallas,, I set a wandering to healthy camp,, and begin to realize my destiny is awaiting me,, whatever it may be. As a young child I accomplished most everything I dream or am programmed to do,, yet nothing,, no satisfaction,, no rewards,, just emptiness in my soul.

I have spent 1/2 or more of my time on this ball of dirt I call earth and I still seek questions. I still journey,, and seek fulfillment,, I seek me. The healthy things I do are helping me get closer to my self,, to my destiny,, wherever the fuck that may be.

I see so often the fear of dying in others,, yet I am wondering if I will be missed or just gone forever,, like a grain of sand on the beach,, or if I will be remembered for eternity,,, well at least till the next day after I’m gone.

As I write this nonsense,, I ponder how it must be for those who have achieved their greatness,, will they be remembered forever? Will their legacy remain in tact,, or will it destruct in the wind like a house made of straw in a tornado.

Sure, sure, there are those who will have the best intentions in the world to remain a complete force in keeping another’s dream alive,, but will it ever be the dream the “one” created,, or will it be the molding of the dream to fit the other’s needs?

I feel pretty damn certain that’s why people do what they do,,, the dream they create,, is often destroyed by them,,, knowing they can’t advise from beyond the realm of the physical world.

Others may seek to do the bidding of the “one”,, but it can never be the “one’s” creation the moment the “one” ceases to exist. It can only be the interpretation of the”one’s” idea,, never original or unique again.

Documents over time that remain are the constitution, the magna charter and playboy magazine,, (thanks Hugh),, but in the end,, time is running out for those who create something meant to last forever,, a great man who has a great idea,, can only take it as far as the existence of the great man,, the it becomes a mindless, meaningless,, non-living thing,,, a fucking corporation.

Sure,, management may change,, but once the creator is gone,, the existence of the passion and idea is gone.

Look at the bible,, the words live on,, but do these “cults” really interpret the good book they hold so highly and dear in the proper way,, (i.e., how we ,, our organization,, interprets it)?

So, in the end of days,, the great men know the idea dies with them and must be destroyed,, least it turns into something no one  ever wants,, a fucking non-living corporation,, with mindless, meaningless tasks performed by those whose vision is less than revolutionary,, it ceases to exist once the creator dies.

I wonder if my creation will live past my life? I wonder if my deeds will be carried on,, or if when I go,, this fucking blog stops?


One Response to “Why Is It That Men With Great Egos Destroy What They Create?”

  1. call me anything but late for dinner Says:

    I’ll always remember what my youngest son said to me a very long time ago. He was 4 yrs old and so he was still young enough to enjoy painting with me… He actually is much more talented than I ever was and most of his work is done on computers now. I framed the watercolor he painted that day and it is one of my most prized possessions. It is of a knight in armour, with a shield and a sword, and a dark figure standing behind a leafless tree. In the center of the background, there’s two horizonal lines with dots in the middle. When I asked what that was, he told me that was the audience. He looked at what I had been working on and I told him I wasn’t happy with it yet. He said he liked it and then he looked at me, very solomn, and said, “Oh Mom, no great artist is ever appreciated until after they are dead!” Isn’t that often true? And don’t we live on through what we do while we are here?
    I have faith in the ‘One’ that I believe in and follow because I have witnessed ‘miracles’ from whatever that Great Light is that I call the ‘One’ many times….The most of the human race obviously prefers to avoid acknowledging that none of us have ever had the power that just IS. Occasionally, here or there, some one is born with remarkably superior traits that breeders of livestock or domestic animals strive to produce, and value highly. But “humanity” on this little planet earth, or as you so accurately have tagged it, this ‘Ball of Dirt’, always seem to kill the ‘best of breed’. The Christ, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley, John Lennon, and so many others…Many are just tortured and oppressed, and who knows how many are starving or dying from diseases because the medicine they need is unavailable for them only because they lack the MONEY to pay for it! These “christians” scare the hell of of me, too. I am more disgusted and angry than afraid, though. The rightously blind who proclaim they are ‘saved’ by the blood of Jesus, or the cross, or the ‘lamb of God’ are no different than the Jews that wandered in the desert for forty years on a journey that they they could have made in a few days! But we ALL are more worried about how we “feel”, what other people think or do or say, what we have, want, deserve… The worship of money in America is killing us and yet we are still spending as much as we can to kill some enemy we claim is hiding in faraway places trying to kill us….And this Democrat/Republican spitting contest is as stupid as it gets!!!! We are all like hamsters running in a wheel that are trained to stop and grab the little pellet of food that drops down when the bell rings and the light flashes!
    I never realized how incidiously corrupt Texas government has become until my mother died and I experienced first hand “how it works”. What started in the Harris County Civil Probate Court #3 over 5 yrs. ago, has turned into a very special picture of Texas that I never dreamed I’d paint. Maybe it will inspire some hamsters to get off their wheels. It will certainly embarass and piss off a few people who need to be. Maybe this will be a work of art that will really live after I’m dead. I am sure of this: whatever happens is by the will of the “One”.
    Light Up the Darkness.

    “…and you think you’re so clever and classless and free,
    but you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see…”
    -‘Working Man’s Hero’, John Lennon

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