I’d Just Like To Know,,,,

I’d just like to know exactly what happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force?  Is it possible that the dynamics of both create nothing?

I mean, just think of positive and negative,, alone and separate,, they are very powerful,, but together they are nothing,,, they neutralize each other.

So, what happens when an object meets a force,, nothing.

Now, I write this nonsense this early morning knowing damn full and well no one will get what I am writing,, except those who know how to find the hidden clues and meanings in words and symbols.

The cryptologists will spend hours doing their magic and the numerologists will send days practicing their arts,, and the result will still be nothing. There ain’t no secret hidden meaning in this post,, or is there?

Nothing from nothing equals nothing. Nothing times nothing equals nothing. Maybe it is nothing I seek.

I have another answer,, nothing. Why work so damn hard when nothing is the result? Why not play?

I’d just like to know what in the sam hell this has to do with trial,, nothing,, or does it? I mean, if the end result is nothing,, then the beginning and middle don’t matter and nothing is achieved,, right?

So, if nothing is achieved,, then nothing is ventured,, nothing is gained and nothing is entirely the same.

I’d just like to know if nothing means nothing? If you are in a forest and a tree falls in New York,, will it make a sound?

If you can understand this,, you have nothing,, but isn’t that everything?

I often wonder why nothing is everything and everything is nothing?

And here’s another damn thing,, nothing.

So in the end,, nothing. It’s over,, and nothing remains.

I am certain that in trial,, nothing is important,, nothing lasts forever and nothing can never be lost if you have nothing.

Sometimes,, having nothing means having it all. Peace be with you or nothing.


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