I Know The Answer

I know the answer,, it’s the question I always have trouble with. It seems as I journey through life, the forces that be are constantly pulling at me or pushing me into a different direction than I usually want to go.

As I awaken this morning, I notice that I’ve not gotten much sleep, that the tasks in front of me remain uncompleted and the process is unwinding and unfolding for me over and over again.

I see a beautiful place being put together with less and less conflict, turmoil and more love than ever before,, (a re-parenting,, if you like),, and I see growth, healing, encouragement and fun.

I am enjoying my every waking moment as I start this new day with the hope that in the end,, I’ll be better and the world,, big or small, will be nicer, kinder,, and gentler.

Somethings are better left unknown,, perhaps it is not wise to know the question,, just to be present and know the answer should be enough for all.

I guess in my feelings,, I always want to know the questions also. Why? Why? Why? Is it because logic has taken my youth and wasted it on someone other than myself? Is it because I have not wanted to grow? Is it because of another thousand or more reasons I at one time or another place into my head,, or is it simply because I know the answer.

Knowing the answer is a blessing and a gift,, but it can be a curse. I did not understand how until I recently try to reason with an expert instead of accept and just feel. I have always felt that in the end,, the answer is all that matters,, lately I wonder if the question shouldn’t be also.

To some reading this garbled mess of English,,  the answer is never enough,, the search for the question is to be followed for the search for the answer. Just for me,, the answer is always there,, it’s the question I need help with.

I am remembering a time not so long ago when I am living in Houston and seeing business signs off one of the freeways,, I remember that there is one sign in big gigantic red letters and it says “The Answer Store”. Often times in conversations with others I would simply tell them I knew where the answer is,, a truth on my part,, I just never told the truth that I haven’t got the slightest fucking idea what the question is.

I feel today the way I feel,, I know the answer,, I just don’t know the question.

In life, I find that living in the moment provides the answer,, not living in the distant past, or uncertain, unknown future,, just be present and be.

Peace be with you always.


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