Kind, Honest and Specific

I must write some letters today to those that I need to release from my life. I do not enjoy this task, but it is necessary to complete me.

I find in my journey that some people just can not be in my ” inner circle” and have difficulty accepting me for who I am,, warts and all. For some damn reason,, I really don’t care much for liver,, yet I taste it. To me, it means I don’t have to eat it on a daily basis,,, it is enough just to have tasted it.

I can not begin to tell you the number of people who cross my path in life with their stories and journeys and how I react to each one,, I can just say that I must set boundaries for me.

Sometimes, people who I know and accept for who they are, refuse to allow me just to be me,, they must figure me out,, analyze me,, find faults and it seems as if their whole live is built upon mistrust, deception and lies. I don’t want to spend the energy necessary to maintain a contact with those people if all they do is drain me dry. I won’t anymore.

My drama is my trauma,, at least I’m working in the core of my traumas,, others don’t,,, they just drain energy from me until  collapse. I will not do that very act anymore.

So to those I must part ways with,, I remember the beauty that originally drew me into your world,, I remember the  wonderful times we had together,, I remember the fun, the laughter, the enjoyment and pleasure of getting to know you.

I can’t stop there,, I also know the recovery and growth for me is not having you in my life anymore. I can not grow and go where I need to get with you involved in my life anymore. Your path is different than mine,, just as my journey involves me and my own growth,, it won’t involve your journey. I must leave the common path and take another road in a different direction and you can not go there with me.

I will no longer call you or be a part of your life,, it is time for me to go,,,, may peace be with you and your journey complete.


2 Responses to “Kind, Honest and Specific”

  1. higher power Says:

    You need my address?

  2. DKNUN Says:

    Please let me share some happy news- My website is no longer a dream, it has become a reality! This is truly setting me free again. The Psalm that is often used in funerals,”…..Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil for God is with me…” ?
    Well, once again I reached a point on my path that marks the end this last part of my journey and the beginning of the next! The rewards that came when I finally reached where I am now have been twice what I had hoped for. When this little unexpected detour through a section of hell’s sewer started, the old man who blocked the road I was on and forced me to take his toll road instead, told me “This will take at least five years.” That was Sept. 19th, 2004- 2 wks to the day from my mother’s passing. I am so far from where I was on the first part of this detour ! What I know now but disn’t know then was that all the hazards and monsters on that road had been put there by that old man and his hired help to prevent me from reaching where I am today. I almost died that day in Sept, and I wanted to. God said, “SUCK IT UP SISTER!”. There have been so many people that tried get me to run off the road or run back to where it started, or lead myself off into the wilderness. It really pisses people off when you tell them “thanks, I’d reather WALK and FOLLOW God.” I don’t enjoyed being despised and have to suffer the things these people do and say to prove it and use to enlist others to believe whatever they hear and join the mob that will even strut around and perform as one of the Godly and wise that has been given God’s power to judge others and write there own law!
    1 Corinthians 1: verse..somewhere toward the end of chapter 1 perfectly describes what I’m doing here. This is probably the first thing everyone on this planet needs to each not forget. Each and every one of us choices the laws we follow. It isn’t democrats, republicans, house of commons, house of lords, the dictator, or money that will ever have power greater than he Power of the One who makes us, can break us, and will take us. That whole Bible repeats we are to only return evil with good…We gotta quit trying to control what everyone else “feels”. We make everything so hard by blaming or hating others and saying shit like, “They made me do it” or “They did it first”.
    I’m writing this to you because I think you have potential. I may not be around soon because the people that threatened me before are going to be really pissed now that I have ….my complaints under the powers of a different jurisdiction. I hope and pray this one knows we ALL are under the jurisdiction of a power greater than ourselves..It is going to be what it is; I choose to WALK and follow God. I know there’s alot of evil that swarms and flies when there is any success on the side for the good. Our brother died in Feb. and yesterday a very dear friend closed his eyes and went to heaven too. It (death) always seems to come in threes. There’s no explanation for me to have lived to see a new day again today. I’m not kidding about getting shot, but if hat happen, I hope they do it quick and clean.

    One more thing… I am glad to be nobody special or perfect o powerful…My clean hands and clean heart are all I need because God ALWAYS takes care of the rest…

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