A New Day Dawns

So it is written today that this is the beginning of a new day. As I awaken to the sounds of the birds chirping,, the flowers emitting their scent and the faint, but ever-present  humming of nature,, I am remembering a day,,, not long ago when the sun rose and a friend of mine didn’t.

It doesn’t matter to those that read this nonsense, theoretical, real or not,,, whether my friend is human, animal, plant, earth, energy, or the very essence of love,, what is important is the friend is no longer here.

I am saddened by the departure of this life force and realize that one day, I too will pass,,, pass into the great unknown beyond the realm of this feeling, seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, hearing world,, and some theorist will not comfort me in that journey,,, let alone explain it.

I often wonder how it must feel not to breathe, to love,, to be alive,, and then it hits me like a fucking jack hammer. Why not just be? Why not just be?

I suppose there are those who must have every detail of everything explained to them,, but how do you explain the beauty of ice? How do you explain the cool wetness of an ice tea on a muggy, humid day?

How do you explain the “great beyond”? Must you analyze it,, or can you accept it? It is. It just fucking is. Why do I need an expert to tell me how to attempt to reproduce?  Why do I need a  scientific explanation of the very act of copulation?

Perhaps a porno film would be a better porno film if the narrator used scientific theory to explain the process of the very acts depicted on the large screen,, perhaps those that watch the film don’t. I am not judging the expert,, I simply asking the expert on the witness stand to scientifically explain the act of copulation with the proper physics applied and the “Newtonian” theory of neurotransmitters properly and scientifically applied to this very act of copulation.

Damn you theorists,, just fucking experience life,, not analyze it. Explain to your mate,, if you are present with one, the scientific basis for the attraction between the sexes and the scientific theroies required to complete the act of copulation and see of your mate,, suddenly and miraculously disappears,, or maybe not.

As I feel it,, I live it. As I read it, I don’t always understand it. Show me,, don’t fucking explain to me,, is this judging?  I challenge each and every one of you to scientifically within the realms of accepted theory explain the very act of copulation,, then see what happens.

Perhaps those who are in their heads will prefer to be in their body and experience more scientific acts of copulation,, , perhaps not.

In the end,, it doesn’t matter,, the birds are chirping,, the sun is rising and I’m feeling it,, not fucking explaining it.

Peace be with you always.


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