It’s Hump Day

Well, I often don’t know why people call it hump day,, perhaps it’s because they want to hump, but for what ever reason,, we now have “hump day”.

I often wonder what other days we should have,, how bout Margarita Monday? THC Tuesday,, Hash Wednesday? Thai Stick Thursday? Freaking Friday? Slamming Saturday,, and my favorite on that prodigal day of rest,,, Sin Sunday?

Why is it that we as a society have to label something, someone, and if we don’t label, classify them or fit them into a particular theory of study,,, explained by the many “experts” in the world,, there is something wrong with that person?

I learn more form animals and children that I ever do from some educated, highly diplomaed person, who is in “theory” and has their head up their ass. Perhaps theory will explain how the fucking bullet kills you instead of running, or shooting back,, and then what the fuck good is “theory”?  JUST FUCKING LIVE LIFE,, DON’T LABEL IT, EXPLAIN IT, RATIONALIZE IT, OR TRY AND MENTALLY FUCK IT,, JUST FUCKING LIVE IT AS IT COMES.

I am surprised that labeling is accepted and so many theories are also. I mean,, is there global warming or is there not global warming?

If you’re such a fucking expert that knows everything,, then why do you not know your ass from a hole in the ground,, mr. or ms. expert?

For me,, truth is in the moment,, never judging,, just fucking accepting. I don’t ask that you read some fucking book and then understand everything there is to know,,, all I ever fucking ask is that you be present and in the moment,, not labeling,, not judging,, just accepting.

Is that too much to ask from you theorists?

Peace,, or does that need to be labeled, explained, categorized and fucking analyzed?


6 Responses to “It’s Hump Day”

  1. higher power Says:

    I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own.the prisoner

  2. Gemstone City Gal Says:

    I have sent you a private and personal email with a personal reply to today’s blog. You might want to change the name of today’s blog to “FU_K DAY”, Just a thought!

  3. ruth Says:

    Holy Crap are you angry!!! I hope the excessive use of “Fuck” helped you vent, but I doubt it. You were judging unknown groups of people (examples-theorists, experts) in your blog while simultaneously ranting than you “never” judge! Perhaps you could try to practice what you preach? I suppose its good that you have revealed yourself (unwittingly) so I and others won’t waste any more time reading your blog. Peace Be With You–you really fucking need it!

  4. a.k.a. Whossane Henry Says:

    Got any Bob Marley C.D.s????
    That’s as close to Thai stick as I can get!
    I think i liked you better when you were “homeless’, even if you whimpered & whined then too, you mentioned compassion for our fellows & ‘charity/(love)’ more often.
    Bless your heart!!! You remind of why I choose to be IN this world, not OF it! But I really don’t need a reminder like this one to remember THAT, which is my EXPERT opinion;
    (no fee-pro bono)

  5. Bobby G. Frederick Says:

    I like to analyze life and live it and enjoy it also. Being in the moment is wonderful when I can manage it, but sometimes it is good to reflect on how it was in the moment, when I was there.

    Fucking commenters.

  6. Marjori Says:

    To Ruth: I believe this writer has “revealed” himself repeatedly, which is the entire point of much of this blog . . . being present and real. If you cannot appreciate the fine prose here, which may include “excessive” use of the word “fuck,” maybe you should try finding a blog that gets less real. Waste your precious time with some fiction, perhaps?

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