Don’t Poke The Bear

I often say,, don’t poke the bear,, meaning that it is not a good idea to prod someone like me into any behavior that is likely to cause a response by me of any one of the behaviors I so much know.

For instance, when I’m being happy, don’t poke the bear as it is not a good idea to laugh for hours and hours and hours at the silliest things we know or get involved with.

Don’t poke the bear when it is time to eat or I find that I over-eat. Don’t poke the bear, when it is time to enjoy exercise or I get too much of it. Don’t poke the bear when I’m in trial or it’s all over for the opponent.

I am very certain in my life that I am able to poke the bear,, to go deep into fun and also deep into the dramas that make me who I am,, but I also know that poking the bear means an extreme amount of intensity in my life and very being.

I feel things that others don’t,, so when I’m being poked,, I respond with extreme intensity and presence of being.

Remember,, don’t poke the bear,,, by the way, my comma key is not stuck,, I just write that way. Peace.


2 Responses to “Don’t Poke The Bear”

  1. ruth Says:

    “this ball of dirt I call Earth” is a great line, wish I had wrote it!
    “I feel things others don’t” is absurd, how on Earth could you possibly know that? Unless you lived in each person’s body you can not know, I can not imagine why you would even think that or believe it.

  2. higher power Says:

    Don”t feed the bear

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