And Beauty Is Within

As I journey through this time on this ball of dirt I call earth,, I realize that everyone has their own dramas,, their own traumas and their own journey in their lives.

I see as I awaken incredible beauty, incredible serenity and incredible peace. I awaken to a very safe place this morning,, as I see a four-cornered bed, on one side is self-care,, on another side is self-worth,, on the third side is my support system,, and on the fourth side is spirituality.

I awaken to this safe place each day trying to find balance and serenity in my life. As I look up,, I see inner child,, the inner adult,, wisdom and that guiding force that is present in the universe,, all within the bounds of my safe space.

I often wonder what happens to those that have no safe space? I feel an incredible loss for their life as they journey throughout the day,, seeing their dramas unfold,, without being centered and safe.

How wonderful it must be to give them the gift of safety and serenity,, even in the calamity of their everyday event filled lives. How peaceful and powerful it is to be alive and awake in safety. I am blessed that so many of my friends allow me into their safe places,,, they allow themselves to be seen by me,,, a witness and to be heard by me,, in their own truths and I grow with love each day I am given permission to step inside their safety.

I hope that in your journey on this ball of dirt I call earth,, each of you finds your own safe space and experiences the peace and love you each deserve.

May you be blessed with joy and happiness today as your journey unfolds. Peace.


One Response to “And Beauty Is Within”

  1. ruth Says:

    You are a very good writer. Does your comma key stick? It is doubling quite often.

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