Welcome To My New Home

I’m getting centered. I welcome the new environment I’m moving into with a tremendous amount of energy. I feel alive and full of excitement. The new place that I’m moving into is full of the most calming energy, centering in peace and serenity, coupled with a feeling of a great amount of love and peace in the home.

For the first time in a long time,, I have a real home,,,, I have a mattress,, and the most wonderful person in my journey today helped me set it up and feel the energy in the room as the movers place the mattress there.

I can feel the experience of sleeping on a park bench, of sleeping in an abandoned building while struggling with my soon to be ex whose name must never again be spoken in public,,, and now,,, calmness, peace and love.

What a wonderful new beginning,, an excitement of my own grounded space,, like a child exploring a playground for the first time,,, full of adventure, inquisitive in nature and innocent. I am my own inner child today.

I also begin to know the adult must come alive in my new home,, the adult must make decisions about self-care,,, self-worth,,, spirituality and find the support group I need to be centered in my journey in life again.

I am blessed that clients understand and welcome me into their world,, I spend the most incredible times in my life just being present and there for those that I meet on my journey in time.

Are you happy? Are you really present? Peace as always and my each of you find your safe place in your life.


One Response to “Welcome To My New Home”

  1. Rosanne West Says:

    This is very neat…..

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