Welcome Home Happy, Toby, Classical Music and Pictures

I am helping a friend of mine in his office the last couple of days for a little time each day and see several things as I walk into the office. I see confusion, energy running astray and personal conflict.

I also see tremendous help, hope and love that exists in this office.

Each day I notice how much the staff comes alive in the morning when the energy is just beginning and how the energy wanes during the day. I see tremendous duplication of tasks and extreme movement, where less is always more.

How is it possible that the most successful friend in the world I know is in this position I know he feels each morning when he arrives?

I know this because I feel his pain,, his agony and his extreme disappointment in just being himself and being all he is,, warts and all. I know this because I see myself in the mirror each morning I awaken and begin to understand how it is possible to be this way. I am afraid to face my own fears.

When i journey through my life, i journey through all of the above things described in detail above. I feel the pain and reverse roles and see myself just a few short months ago.

So, in the end, the truth is evident,, looking in the mirror is extremely painful, confusing and extremely scary. Sometimes, I can’t do it alone and Happy the plant, Toby Keith, Classical Music and family Pictures create my safe space for me to go to ground in my life.

May each of you overcome your own worst enemy,, (yourself) and may each of you find harmony and peace in your life while your journey continues on its way.



2 Responses to “Welcome Home Happy, Toby, Classical Music and Pictures”

  1. Mari Ortega Says:

    I did as told this morning, I turned on my computer to read the wonderful words of a very wise man. What you say here, is absolutely true! There is a lot of uncomfortable energy running around here, with lots of confusion and personal conflict. I do hope that as the time goes by, the air starts to fill with the soft sound of classical music and the smell of nature. Hopefully the energy of confusion & conflict will turn into calm & collected energy and this place will be a more comforting, inviting & organized place to be in for both the clients and team mates (that would be us). Thank you for your kind words of wisdom & I must say it was a pleasure to meet you! May God bless you with nothing more than positive energy around you!

    • paul2413 Says:

      Thank you for your kind and warm felt words from the heart. May you have a wonderful day and have peace for you and your family.


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