Why Do I Feel In Power To Win?

I feel more and more and it appears to me that each day I wake up, I feel incredible power to win. I liken my feelings to those of an athlete making a come back and being able to score the winning goal after being out all season.

I am beginning to feel grounded again and feel incredible power as I watch the spring season begin in different areas of the country.

How nice it is, awaking each and every day to new sounds,, to a new sight and to a new beginning.  I meet so many friends along the road that I feel as though I am in a place where people go when you pass over to another world and on to your just reward.

I accept today,,, I don’t judge. What a difference,,, accepting rather than judging. The mornings seem more alive with the noises of nature even in a very crowed city and the sun arises waking me with a vibrant hope of new life each day. I feel alive and in touch with myself again.

I often wonder what happens to those who stagnate with no feelings,, no internal intuition,, no believes of a better day,,, how must they feel? I imagine as though they feel slowly dying in the wind,, slowly forgetting to breath and slowly letting each precious moment of life slip ever so much further away.

How can it be possible that the reptiles on life can’t love,,, yet the people I know and meet in my journey in life do love with the intensity of new-born puppies and their mother giving each of them unconditional love to begin their journey through life?

How is it possible that the lives of those touched by love live longer and happier,,, while those who live in misery die as tomatoes die on the vine without proper nourishment and water? I say,, live life,, be strong and love again and again and again.

I feel great power to win,, yet I feel great love for those I meet, interact and play with,,, do you? Perhaps,, just perhaps,, love begins with playing and never-ending listening. Perhaps love begins with each morning waking up and greeting life to its fullest,, perhaps love begins on the inside first.

I don’t know much,, but I do know each spring love begins and power follows. Are you in love today? Peace.

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