I’m Present, Helping And Doing What I Love

I am in an area where I am meeting so many new people that it ain’t even funny. I am helping with what I can,, preparing for war. I liken a trial to the gladiators in the arena in a life and death struggle,,, will the lions win, or will I be victorious?

I have not slept in a couple of days since the mersa is still kicking my ass, but it is getting better. I am working as much as 2 – 3 hours a day now and getting stronger, but still am very tired. I owe clients some hard work and I know that it is impossible to get it all done in my condition.

I can not get done what I used to do in the time I used to do it in, but things are becoming clearer and much healthier. I see life unfolding in front of my eyes and really enjoy it. I enjoy it so much that I live with my tribe now,, helping them grow, love and prosper as we seek justice daily.

In a day or 2,, I hope the final treatment will be complete and I will be able to go to my new home, and be clear of the old energy and full of the new energy. I will be doing somethings I don’t want to do, but then again,, I will be free agian to just explore me and continue on my journey to get to know me.

It seems I use humor as a mask and I believe it is because I am happy now for the first time in a long time. I no longer have the weight of the soon to be ex whose name must never again be spoken in public draining my energy for life from me and most importantly,, I have the awareness of choice in my life.

When I return to my new safe place,, I will change soome things that may hurt some,, but in the end,, I will change me and not be sucked dry of all my energy from those energy vampires who only use, use, use and never, ever give.

May each of you find peace, happiness and contentment in your life. Peace.


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