I Haven’t Written In A Couple Of Days

I haven’t written in a couple of days and I feel bad,, because my readers are complaining about this. I want everyone to realize that the commitments I have are preventing me from being the person who has a responsibility to keep  up with me and in the direct same breath,,, keep them informed.

I have learned long ago,, the key to friendship and trust is open honest communication. I feel incredibly bad when I don’t communicate truthfully with all and I feel especially horrible when I don’t communicate at all with my friends and extended family.

I am preparing for war as I write. I am preparing to win. It is coming at a tremendous cost to me personally and one that is necessary for the clients whom I am helping. I see an incredible love story unfolding in front of me,,, a love between best friends and who have been damaged by a horrible event,, yet there is still love,, even in their pain of watching one suffer,,, there is an undying love.

I wish that I had the courage to find that love I see in my clients. Are you in love? what happens if one really becomes sick? will you still be in love? Peace.


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