And Another Drama Begins

I observe this incredible drama developing between my friends and their mates. I watch the relationships they develop and then see them struggle with issues that really go deep into the relationships they have.

I see incredible jealousy, mistrust, deception, truths, lies, dysfunctional behaviors, and wonder why I put up with that crap during my entire marriage and wonder how this phenomenon happens.

I am just as fucking guilty as they are of being in a drama when I live in my own life, journeying through my struggles, and being present in the crap created in my own world and in my own marriage.

I often wonder if the abandonment I suffer from and the love I so desperately want  to receive is why I give.

I also know that my truth is that the alcoholism I suffer from is a symptom of yet another real truth,, I have done the exact same fucking thing in my past relationships.

So, I see that at least in this respect I am not alone,, I no longer want any more of this. Awareness and boundaries are the fist steps toward recovery.

I have received a great gift. Peace.


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