I Begin Gettting Ready To Return To Work

It’s strange, but I am beginning to get ready to return to work on a daily basis and I’m finding that I can’t really do that like I need to.

I am finding, just for me, the recovery process is taking longer and longer than I think it should and I am getting frustrated daily.

I awaken with every good intention to finish projects I start or are due and find that I don’t have the energy to complete them. I try and work like I usually do, and find out that the energy just isn’t there like it is in the past.

I often wonder why I am having trouble recovering from this mersa and surgery,, and then it hits me,, I still have the effects of the surgery in me and I feel I have some of the disease in me.

I don’t like the recovery time,, I want to be ready now and it ain’t happening. I guess it’s like an athlete who injuries his or herself, has surgery and has to recovery in their own time. The athlete is much younger than I and I feel the frustration, anger, pain and hurt as I wonder about my career, myself and my inability to rebound from something so minor in my head that it ain’t even funny.

I guess I’m just frustrated that I can no longer do what I used to do in the time frame and manner that I used to do, and wonder if any else has ever felt that way? Am I all alone? Peace.


One Response to “I Begin Gettting Ready To Return To Work”

  1. dn Says:

    I’m not a Dr., so this is just my opinion as a layman:
    What you described happened to you in New York sounds to me exactly like you were bitten by a spider. There are some very venomous spiders. One way to identify a spider bite is there are two tiny puncture marks at the wound site. But it sounds to me like your trauma was caused by something very ugly biting you…..It is common for it to take a long time to recover from some bites; The venom (or poison) has to be cleared out of your system. That takes time…
    Secondary to that, what you are calling ‘mersa’ is probably MRSA…Methicillin Resistant Staphococcus Areious (that’s probably misspelled); That is an extremely serious, potentially life threatening infection. If that’s the ‘mersa’ you have been treated for, that’s why your medicine is so expensive. I’m not trying to scare you, but please do everything exactly as your Dr. tells you to. If it was me I would feel it worth going back to the Dr. for a check-up; The Dr. may have something that can help you feel better. (I hope you’re not one of those recovering martyers who is afraid to take medicine….it just ain’t worth it to suffer when you don’t have to. Studies about addiction show that when medicine is taken as prescribed for acute pain, there is about zero chance of becoming chemically dependent…..)
    Hope you get better soon!

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