I Miss Hog Hunting

I awaken this morning feeling like a part of me is gone. I miss hunting hogs in the woods and being able to feel nature and a beast fight while I, (and other men and / or women) jump on the wild hog and tie it up.

I know that seems strange waking up this morning writing about missing something that is so crazy,, so dangerous, but it’s true,, I really miss hog hunting.

I can feel an incredible rush, like nothing else I’ve felt when I hunt hogs this way, rather than just shoot at them. I often hear the very cries of people who say this method of catching hogs is cruel, but I’m reminded of the rabbits in New Zealand. I remember stories of how the rabbit had no natural predator and so,, in the end,, the old saying is true and rabbits take over the country.

Disease and infections and a number of predators are introduced to control the rabbit population to no avail. I must say this very thing is happening with wild hogs in Texas and damn near every other state in the country. Hell, I can remember seeing wild hogs on the bayous and parks in Houston near downtown.

So, with no control,, no natural enemies,, what will happen? Will it be the rabbit problem all over again?

I suspect that shortly regulations will be placed in effect by well-meaning, but uninformed people and the method of control of wild hogs will not happen.

Isn’t is kinda like tort reform, or in the best interest of business and not the person seeking justice against those “greedy” corporations who steal the pensions and 401k of its employees?

Do we need another Enron, and so many other corporations,, or do we need the vermin infected wild hogs who pass brucellosis (TB) to cattle, kill our living pets and destroy our lands,, because the government will watch our backs?

It’s your choice,,, I say just don’t let it be repeated like it is with so many of the big businesses who steal, rob and lie with impunity.


One Response to “I Miss Hog Hunting”

  1. passmorec Says:

    I live in Florida and we have a big hog problem down here I can only imagine it is just the same in Texas. Every chance I get I’m in the woods with my hounds chasing them all over. They take over and duplicate exponentially, but anyways it’s good to someone else who notices this disaster.

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