Listen, Learn and Love

I often am told that I listen. The truth is I feel things,, I just don’t hear babble. It’s amazing in my practice how intuition helps my skills in listening.

I have always been an intuitive person,, even growing up,, I think this thing I have is a curse and now I know it’s a blessing.

I feel things with my heart that allow me to hear what is really being said. I know it sounds funny or crazy or strange,, but it’s my own truth.

Have you ever been with an animal and bonded with that animal,,, when you are sick the animal senses that something is wrong and comes and places its head on your body and you know it knows you are not well? It seems I have that gift.

I am able to feel things that others can’t pick up. I mean,, that I can listen to the feelings,, not just the babble and know when something isn’t right.

I always say,, words lie,, emotions don’t. It’s true.

I say,, develop the skills that are given to you and learn that they are gifts,, not curses. Remember listen, learn and love. Accept what is,, don’t judge,, live life like you want to live it,, not as someone else wants you to. Just be you.That’s the best advice this old country lawyer can give. Peace.


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