“Pretty People’s Gangs”

I love being present, and every once in awhile you get to meet some very special people in your life that are kind, considerate, open, trusting and full of love.

For me, as I become more and  more present,, I meet more and more people that become special,, both in life  and in my client relationships. I am blessed that I have the ability to be aware and not engage in drama.

I enjoy life,, but I also handle the lives of those who have been thrown away by the “pretty people” in society. Those that are accused of criminal acts and who have nothing left, but a 6 x 10 cell with a stainless toilet, sink, and metal bunk beds and do not get to choose their room-mate.

Sometimes, their lives are joining gangs to just survive the rigors of a life that society has judged they must forever live in,, sometimes,, it’s just to be a part of something that is alive and give them a sense of belonging.

I often wonder what “gangs” the “pretty people” join? I mean do they join the cults? So they join the megachurchs? Do they join the elks, moose, masons, lions, eagles, alumni, professional societies,, etc.?

Why is it said that the joining of these gangs by the “pretty people” is business development and networking,, but the joining of the prison gangs is evil?

I do not mean to say that every organization the “pretty people” join are wrong or that these organizations are evil,, what I’m simply saying is this,,, those that are no longer loved need love. The “gangs” provide a sense of family, belonging, security, status, routine and ritual. Isn’t that what the “pretty people’s gangs” do for their members?

Peace and remember,, love is something everyone needs,, not everyone wants or needs to be judged,, just loved. Sometimes,,, I find, the things we are most afraid of are the things we don’t like in ourselves. DO something nice for yourself just for today.


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