What If The World Stopped Revolving?

What if the world stopped revolving around the sun? Would we all fall off because of gravity not being in effect?

I’ve often wondered what would happen if I ever cross-examined a physicist who argued that the world spun around its axis once every 24 hours and my client insisted it didn’t spin around its axis and that causes global warming, or some such event.

Now, normally, I would question that with every fiber of my soul, but what if the client truly believes that? What if it is his or her own truth and that is their belief?

I’m not ever gonna change their belief, but I can accept it and learn not to judge it. If I can do that,, why can’t a jury panel?

Peace,, oh,, yea,, what if my client believes he or she didn’t cause the death of the police officer, or what if he or she doesn’t testify?


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