Remember The SDS, Walter Croncrite and Acid?

I have seen the future of America and I’m concerned about the new government order. It seems that this generation has no concept of what the government did in the late 60’s and early 70’s, and can easily redo.

It is now apparent that Obama has no concept like Lyndon Johnson did of America’s greatest newsman and most trusted source of news,, Walter Cronkite. America now has 800 talking heads who tell what they think they know based on who pays them,, Walter wasn’t that way. His was the only voice and the most trusted man in America.

I can remember president Johnson saying,,, “if we lose Walter,, we lose the war.” Walter Croncrite saw the futility in the Vietnam war,, he knew about WW II and saw that mass bombing and troop strength was conventional then to win. Show the strength and we will win the war.

The communists changed the way war was fought and the current enemy of America follows that procedure and wins the war without “bombing” everything. The show of force in America’s current war only hurts the child who sees his mother blown up by a bomb. Is it any wonder that it is so easy to recruit more terrorists against the “corporate run” America?

I can remember what The SDS (students for a democratic society) and the government did to America as a younger child and why I became a lawyer. I around 13 years old and we lived near a major University when I grew up. Setting the scene is a Quadrangle surrounded by various University Buildings and it was mostly grass with concrete pathways crisscrossing the quad. The area was 4 or five time the size of a football field.

The University built a gigantic new building that was attached to the CERL (computer engineering research lab) and secretly made a deal with the DOD (department of defense), to house the newest greatest biggest war computer ever made to date. Remember in the 60’s and early 70’s these machines (computers) were the size of  6 buses with probably 50,000 tubes and the room had to be at 50 degrees because of the tremendous heat it put off.

Anyway, these machines had giant tape reels and punch cards. Today’s calculators have more computing power than all that mass of tubes and size of the old computers.

So the SDS gets word that the DOD had a contract with the university to install the newest, greatest computer and pay for it. Actually a good deal for the university, but it had to do DOD work.

About this time in America is Woodstock, Chicago’s mayor Daly and the Chicago 7, Black Panthers and SDS. The SDS leaked out work that because the university is putting a DOD computer “to spy on students” on the university, that they were going to put something like 50,000 hits of acid in the drinking water supply of the town. The powers in power panicked and called in the National Guard to silence the voice of the unpopular SDS.

I remember going on the campus and seeing the buses and buses of National Guard soldiers getting of the buses with their loaded m-16s or M-1s and surround the university buildings and surrounding the streets. The governor imposed martial law and of course the fella who started the rumor about the acid in the water,, laughed like hell, I imagine,, but the power of the government shutting down free speech was a sight I have always remembered and will always remember.

It scared the hell out of me,, if the government wanted to kill someone in a country far away (remember Mohammad Ali) that never did nothing to me,, what the hell would it do to it’s citizens who stood for free speech?

Anyway, today the youngest generation found the internet and we now have a president who did not follow the war mantra and government force mantra,, but the other side has counter the internet revolution by getting its Supreme Court to allow corporations to contribute to election campaigns.

The younger generation has seen the government respond in 911 but never has seen it’s awesome power exercised in America and used against all its citizens, I have seen that power and will never forget it.

Her’s what WILL happen,, a judge of a JP court will run as a democrat and get a few thousand dollars for yard signs,, a JP court judge running as a Republican will get up to a million dollars from the corporations that run America to become judge.

What in the hell will happen for state judges and state supreme court judges who set aside verdicts against corporations,, i.e, Texas.

The new revolution is on and it is now run without guns it is run with  money and unlimited money at that. Peace to all before martial law starts and it will.


2 Responses to “Remember The SDS, Walter Croncrite and Acid?”

  1. Gemstone City Gal Says:

    Yeah, the revolution is on and thanks for naming the big elephant in the room. It is scary to realize cold hard truths but the facts are that we have minutemen at our own Texas boarders now and for some who live in that area they already feel the effects of martial law, let alone us having a govenor who wants to make Texas it’s own country.
    You are so right regarding this generation needing to not only to “see” but experience first hand America use it’s power against it’s own citizens. These days most young folk think of the 1950’s, 60s, 70s as something that only happened in the movies. Movies glorify the sex, drugs, and fashion and omit the realites of what it FELT like to live through tough times: politically and socially, not to mention human sexuality and being sexually oppressed. Let us not forget the oppression involved even the type of sexual realtions one was considered to have as normal, Man / Female only and only limited sexual positions were approved by the church and state. [got your attention yet men?]
    It is so unfortunate to see the majority of this generation be so ambivalent towards this run a way train called our government. I realize some who do care are protecting our country afar and am grateful for their service but the majority are not. Now, I normally don’t throw in my two cents worth when it comes to politics but [since ya asked] I thought I share.
    I too agree I am concerned about what lies ahead for our countries future. The future of of the United States of America – I sure hope we don’t look “dysfunctional” to other countries to quote one of our great senators today; since these days it almost seems the use of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to be a oxymoron phase, how united are we?

    Likewise, I agree our country lost big when Walter Croncrite left the anchor desk, I really would have liked for Peter Jennings to carry the torch as long as Walter did but sadly he passed tragically. In the end all we can do is continue to tell the story of our lives and keep history alive through words and good deeds.
    And by the way isn’t it great to be in a free country where we can blog?
    Comforts to all!

  2. dn Says:


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