Sister, Have You Lost Your Damn Mind?

I often wonder what exactly goes through the mind of some women I know. I cite as an example my soon to be ex whose name must never again be spoken in public.

If I ever had one line to tell her,, well at least one line that is repeatable in public,, it would be,, sister have you lost your damn mind?

I always say this over and over to her, and actually think more, but it is apparent to me that she whose name must never again be spoken in public has completely lost it.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away,, the reptile was hatched and came to this great big ball of dirt I call earth. The reptile’s childhood could not have been any fun, because of the bitterness and anger and rage that is constantly spewing from her eating hole.

I learned long ago that this reptile is permanently angry, lawsuit happy and bitter. It must be a terrible way to live your life. How many people do you know that sue their own sister, father and mother? I’m sure if one were to search the records for the reptile’s name, they would find her a litigant in a number of pages of lawsuits in several counties in Texas and probably elsewhere.

So, I have a tremendous amount of frustration, on the one hand I just want free of the reptile,, on the other hand the reptile wants me to represent her and her companies that ended up in litigation. Oh yea,,, it’s all my fault.

Sister have your lost your fucking mind?


2 Responses to “Sister, Have You Lost Your Damn Mind?”

  1. high power Says:

    And your part to play in all of this!

  2. obbop Says:

    Females are naturally mentally unstable and many cultures recognize the fact, ensuring the addle-minded emotion-laden irrational self-centered empathy-lacking materialistic daffy dames are excluded from some aspects of society.

    I believe that allowing USA females to vote back in 1920 was the beginning of many severe societal problems for the USA.

    Perhaps the USA will come to its senses and curtail those females before they cause any more damage to our increaingly dysfunctional society.

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