It’s Time to Put On Your Man Panties And Man Up

I was kidding around the other day with a good friend of mine and suggested he put on his man panties and get on with it. He was complaining about women that drain his energy and he is particularly complaining about one of his many girlfriends who evidently orders him about as if he one of her servants.

Now normally, men don’t generally like to hear about other men talking about women “ordering” them around and we all have this secret whip we bring out when other guys start complaining about this. (You can check it out in the official man magazine, but women,, you can’t ever copy it or we’d have to shoot you and bury alive the fella who sold us out).

Anyway, paragraph 1, page 1,,, a man must never complain about all the man chores women make him do, even if it is asking him to run to the store and buy a box of tampax. Then you have to ask the clerk what size, what absorbancy and the like,, usually from either some high school kid with pimples or some women whose last menstruation was years before you were even born.

Now, I can’t  tell you everything about the official male manual, even though I’ve been given special permission to write about parts of it,, I call further tell you about some of the contents of Chapter 3.

In chapter 3, each man is given a special whip,, kinda like a horse whip that we are required to use on other men when we detect the other man getting too girly like and complaining about the chores the females are given him. We are required to whip the crap out of the other fellow until he comes to his senses and realizes what this woman has done to him.

So, the other day, I listened and listened and listened until I started to get my whip out and was told by him he would never do it again.

So, we compromised,, and thus the new man term you’ll be hearing a lot from now on… It’s time to put your man panties on and man up.

This message is brought to you by the association of manly men.


5 Responses to “It’s Time to Put On Your Man Panties And Man Up”

  1. Gemstone City Gal Says:

    HUMM,,, that’s funny I seem to recall using that line on you! LOL

  2. paul2413 Says:

    No, I recall you saying to yourself or someone else telling you and a group it’s time to put your big girl panties on….

  3. Gemstone City Gal Says:

    Ouch!!!, I was kidding, you got personal!
    OK SO;Yeah I might have said that if I was in the same type of group you were in, ha,,,the “man” I run with HAS TO to wear boxes, ya know, — smile
    Love ya, still. PEACE?

  4. higher power Says:

    And your part to play?

  5. obbop Says:

    Arguing or debating with or expecting rational logical thinking from a female is foolish.

    There are a very few females capable of acting and behaving as an adult but they are quite rare.

    Generally, when one of the biddies commences squawking it is best to smile and walk away.

    Treat the “precious princesses” as unruly children is often the best tactic to employ.

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