I Say It Ain’t So

I say it ain’t so and I’m wondering if anyone else thinks or feels that way. In the beginning there was a fella and a gal. Now these 2 folks did what is necessary,, they began procreating. Problem was she was only 13 and he was around 15. The didn’t have a clue about what happened, just that around 9 months later a little tot was born and damn near killed the gal who hatched him.

Later these 2 folks enjoyed the act of procreating so much they just kept on a doing it, over and over and again around 9 months later another little baby was born.

Understand the fashion scene of the day was nothing more than a fig leaf and a squirrel skin for the woman’s top. Well, it seems that this act of procreating was so much fun the family grew and grew and grew until they were 70 or so and then the baby making factory stopped.

So along came this fella who could quote anything he wanted to quote from the scripture,, seeing as he just wrote it,, and pretty soon, folks weren’t procreating anymore, just because this fella said it shouldn’t happen. He kept telling everyone that there is a place where they would go, because it was bad and sinful. He wrote and spoke about this real hot place he called hell and then he spoke about this place he called heaven where everyone would go if only they followed his words.

Pretty soon he had damn near everyone listening and agreeing with him. He only asked for money to spread this great word and people who didn’t have any gave it to him until they were broke,, but he promised they would go to heaven instead of hell.

This went on and on and on until this fella was so rich he could buy anything he wanted and you know what he bought? 24 virgins to experience the joys of sin.

Ain’t it funny when the men of scripture take all that money and then sin and ask forgiveness?

I say, if you’re human you’ll sin, and all I want to do is be accepted for who I am,, not someone that wants me to be something I ain’t. Peace and remember even Jimmy Swaggart sinned.


2 Responses to “I Say It Ain’t So”

  1. dn Says:

    Is it just me or is there a hole in the pro life crusade when so many people are starving, sick and homeless on this planet? Is the moment of birth like a SOL? “Sorry kid, you’re on your own. I’ve got a meeting I am speaking at about my book ‘Gunning Down Drs.: We Will Win In The End’…. “

  2. obbop Says:

    Interesting how the “word of God” is always spoken by a mortal human.

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