I Write This Morning About Nothing

It seems that nothing is important to me this morning and in the scheme of things, the importance of deadlines, schedules and meetings seem not to mean much to me anymore.

I am upset that the organization I belong to has decided to cast away some of its very important members and treat them like they are less than human.

I have difficulty in getting over that feeling and regularly wonder who is next. Although I’m not one of the big shots, I am closer to the slave bee, I do not like what I see, hear or have learned lately.

The organization has taken away some of the greatest teachers I’ve ever met and cast them aside, all because they wanted to start an organization some feared would directly compete with the other organization. Then what really pisses me off is that those “new bosses” in power said they were not casting aside the greatest teachers I have ever known,,,, yet they did.

You know you punish a child by a time out, or when I grew up,, a belt, but you do not ever reject them and deny them the love they deserve. You do not disown your own flesh and blood, you allow people to become individuals,, not punish them for who they become and who they are.

I say this,, if it’s robots we want,, then make fucking robots. If it’s real people we want, then let them become who they are and let them give us the gifts they give to us,, don’t punish them by banning them from the tribe. Peace, love, acceptance and tolerance is all I ever want,, how about you?


One Response to “I Write This Morning About Nothing”

  1. dn Says:

    Oh God bless your heart…..
    Times like that for me are when my faith has to go into overdrive.
    Peace 2 U

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