I Feel A Ripple In The Force

I ain’t much but I’m all I think about is the immortal quote of some famous comedian whose name I can’t remember right now.

I kinda get that feeling right now when I write the top-secret posts to  group I somehow got admitted to. I feel bad because there is a new change in management and theory that literally has shaken up all the members except for a few.

Now I know that change is generally good for an organization, otherwise we’d all be driving model T’s, but when the organization shakes its members to the core and causes splits,, I gotta believe its a bad thing for all.

So when the new boss takes over and doesn’t tell the membership why it;s changing,, I predict serious problems. Maybe the organization has grown so much it has to make changes but maybe not so damn many changes with so little notice to all who support it.

I ain’t very political and maybe my voice doesn’t matter, but if I feel that way, how many others do?

All I’m saying is those that got promoted,, feel good,, those that got their legs cut off, after giving everything they have don’t. So what happens next? Do those who are now promoted get demoted again?

It don’t take a dumb country lawyer to see the beginning of the end to an organization that I love so dearly and can only hope those in power hear the voices of its “little people” members. Peace and may this brilliant idea survive among giant egos.


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