Why Is It Some Lawyers Are Great And Others Aren’t?

I often wonder why some lawyers achieve immortality and others don’t. I mean there aren’t too many people in the country who haven’t heard of Clarence Darrow, or Gerry Spence or of Abe Lincoln, but what about the day-to-day lawyers whose names will never be heard.

I can remember growing up a fella named Percy Foreman, one of the greatest lawyers ever,, but by all accounts, his brother was a much better lawyer,, yet no one ever heard of him. I wonder why?

Sometimes we just don’t want to recognize those who have never lost a criminal case, or those who haven’t lost a civil case in years, yet we don’t always do that. Gerry Spence, in my opinion the greatest lawyer ever to practice law, wasn’t even recognized by his peers in the so-called blue blood magazine,, the ABA Law Journal.

I seems to me that he kicked the crap out of every layer they listed, so why bother listing him? I say screw the ABA if you can’t tell the great ones and how they kicked ass over someone who buys judges.

Anyway, I’d like to see Gerry Spence against anyone who is brave enough to take him on in a courtroom,,, then maybe those bluebloods would know what it’s like to get their asses kicked by a real lawyer. Peace.


2 Responses to “Why Is It Some Lawyers Are Great And Others Aren’t?”

  1. dn Says:

    I really am trying to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself here; I apologise for my incessant ramblings; I am working on getting my own site. BUT, I have to tell you this because you deserve to hear it, inadequate as it is:
    THANK YOU with all my heart for being whoever it is you are (warts and all), What you write makes me think, remember, consider, read, learn, and grow.
    Sometimes my little feelings get hurt by what I read and then I am obnoxious, arrogant, childish, SELFISH.
    (My bad attitude is probably because of my inexperience and ignorance, but you never make me feel like you aren’t hearing me and trying to help me by tolerating those outbursts….Again, thank you.
    The best thing you give me though cannot even be written about, and there is no way to compensate you for what you do, and you don’t even know you are doing it for me!
    If I ever hit the lotto or inherit something that doesn’t get stolen I will not forget you…
    God bless you always and forever! I’m signing this like I do my artwork, because maybe it will show in a small way how much you have meant to me. ….and I am sure more people than you realize. I believe you are one of the greats-win, lose, or draw- (Since I’m not a lawyer, I can say that and MEAN it!)

  2. sean Says:

    who is gerry spence?

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