Whatever Happened To Having Fun?

I remember having fun awhile ago. It seems that it is only yesterday that I dance to the music of my heart and feel the vibrations running through my body.

I often wonder how and why the world has changed so much that we no longer have fun anymore.  It seems that everything is about money, profit and winning at all costs.

I am in favor of winning, but I want to have fun along the way. I don’t want to be remembered as a stick in the mud dirty and never enjoying life.

I see a lot of people in agony about their life and begin to wonder if genetically they are just made that way.

I stand for life, love and fun,, not agony, misery and anger and rage, What do you stand for? Peace.


2 Responses to “Whatever Happened To Having Fun?”

  1. DKNun Says:

    How does that saying go? People who stand for nothing will fall for anything?
    Without love and laughter, I don’t think it is possible to have a life worth living …..
    And laughing at myself is very easy for me….
    But maybe that is because my heart is pure and my conscience clear…..good, clean fun…

  2. DKNun Says:

    This afternoon’s latest communcation with a government office inspired this; it may be an old joke, but it still fits!

    Why is government like a bowl of granola?
    Because what ain’t fruits and nuts is flakes.

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