And So Another Super Dooper Bowl

I must be getting old as I remember fellas by the name of Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Vince Lombardi and Hank Stram. I wonder what ever happens to those folks as they fade into the sunset after their magnificent football career.

How is it possible for an athlete to be remembered after his prime? I suppose that in my prime and there afterward, I will be remembered as a lawyer. The thing about being a lawyer is this,,, it’s the only profession in the world where you can be a world champion at 80 years of age.

I also remember comics like Buster Keaton, Groucho Marx, W. C Fields and many more. It ain’t exactly right,, those that generate the most entertainment in the world of sports are thrown aside like used items of clothing, while those who are just damn funny or do good can be remembered forever.

I wonder if I were a comic lawyer, would I be remembered for a long time after I pass?

Anyway, I am watching Spaceballs the movie and can count a number of those who will forever be remembered. I can’t help but think that those athletes¬† playing in that game today will not be remembered past a few days and then only if they do something stupid like run to the wrong goal line.

In the end, I can say this, if we spend $500,000,000.00 million on sports and another $1,000,000,000.00 on entertainment,, why in the hell can’t we spend it on health insurance? Peace.


2 Responses to “And So Another Super Dooper Bowl”

  1. DKNun Says:

    I’m a ’55 model……but I remember Joe Namath in the pantyhose commercial!
    And Sky King, Roy Rodgers, My Friend Flicka, Lassie…..
    Hell, I thought Loretta Young and Donna Reed were really some of ny mom’s soriety sisters!!!!!
    But how very cool was that HALFTIME???????
    Do lawyers ever do ANYTHING just because ir’s the RIGHT THING TO DO?????? There are lot of things that could get better except for the PRICE of a lawyer…..We make criminally charged constitutional rights more important
    than any other persons rights……What is Civil or constitutional about that?
    Give Peace a chance!
    WHO ARE YOU?????
    I really wanna know…..

  2. DKNun Says:

    How’s your MRSA?
    At least you could get health care….how ’bout a day in court????

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