It’s Late And I’m Still Tired

It’s kinda late this morning and I’m still tired as hell. I got back to New Braunfels last night and felt exhausted. Everytime I try a case, it drains me so completely that I have to recuperate for a few days before I return to feeling somewhat normal again.

I am dealing with my soon to be ex whose name must never again be mentioned in public and that in  and of itself is enough to send someone over the edge.

I find that people make representations and then lie about the representation and justify their behavior by inflicting their own  brand of misery, anger rage and outright hatred. I suppose that when I reverse roles with them, I see how they feel, but I don’t feel how they see.

I feel the feelings many other people do in life, but I don’t act out on them. Some act out on rage and the result is nothing more than actually hurting themselves.

One of the most important principles I’ve learned in my life is not to lie. Don’t represent you’re gonna do something to someone and not do it. If you say you’ll give someone something for a certain price,, don’t fucking change the price, quality or quantity of the item you told them you’d give. And especially don’t fucking lie about it in a court document.

I begin to wonder how many times you can lie before you get into real trouble in a court of law. I can understand a good unintentional mistake, but don’t tell someone you’ll give them a certain car and then say that car is gone, so  I’ll be giving you a junker worth $3,000.00 less and not expect the other party to scream bloody murder.

Anyway,, what do you readers think of cheaters who lie in order to get people to sign a deal and then tell them the things I promised you I really don’t have?

If it has ever happened to you,, what did you do? Did you hire a lawyer to sue? How do you feel about hiring a lawyer to sue under those circumstances? Should the lawyer who sues and prevails get his or her attorneys fees?

I’m just wondering about this. Thanks.


One Response to “It’s Late And I’m Still Tired”

  1. DKNun Says:

    I tell you again, Harris County Civil Probate Court Number Three- Rory Olsen, judge, cause number 351,316, the estate of Madeline R. Courtney, proves that there is nothing that has to do with the truth in that ….. The truth there is that MONEY buys ANYTHING…..
    I can no longer say God Bless America.
    I say God FORGIVE America, God have MERCY on America,
    but there is nothing I believe will bless America for there….

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