And So It Goes,,, On To Trial

I am helping one of my close friends prepare for trial and we begin this morning. I help because it is the right thing to do and it is fun.

Although the case is very serious for the client and the lawyer,, it is something that I must do. It is always my mission to help those in our tribe. Money is not the issue,, our bond is what brings us together to win.

Many times in my life there were no people to help us,, we stood alone. Today, that truth is different and very much alive with passion for justice.

Sometimes, it just takes an old warrior to teach the young warriors to just be themselves and be the best warrior for their clients. A lot of times, lawyers get stuck in a rut and can not remember to do things differently,, they just revert to the “old ways” and more often than not lose the case.

Now, I’m not one who knows a hell of a lot, but I do know that in order to win, you’ve got to be a thoroughbred and not just a $10,000.00 saddle.

It does no good to dress up real fancy and not be present in front of a jury. I believe that on order to win, a lawyer must show them his and then let them show them theirs.

It’s kinda like being present in a place versus just talking about it. I hope my sitting here will help,, at least there is support. Afterwards, I have the doctors again to see if I have to go back into that place of healing again. Peace.


One Response to “And So It Goes,,, On To Trial”

  1. DKNun Says:

    Have you ever noticed how many times you write about what good deeds you do for others?
    Do you believe it will even really make a shit what you do in criminal court after the corruption in the civil (probate) courts has finished destroying families??? When you find there are not enough taxpayers left to pay for you to protect the constitutional rights of those charged with criminal offenses who will it be that offends you then?
    I always believed that no one is above the law and no one is below it….. Bullshit.
    (I cite as MY proof cause #351,316 The Estate of Madeline R. Courtney, deceased in Harris County Texas Civil Probate Court Number Three (3), Judge Rory R. Olsen, presiding.
    US v William Daniel Elsom- Wyoming Supreme Court )

    The legal profession is destroying America and doesn’t need any help from the foreign terrorists…..

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