Howdy New Day

As I write this I’m gaining an appreciation for each day that I’m alive. It’s great to wake up, see the sun and not 6 feet of dirt covering me up.

I have a great appreciation for life today and see that during this time on this great big ball of dirt I call earth, life is too short,, too precious, and too enjoyable just to be miserable. Hence, the soon to be ex whose name must never again be spoken in public will soon go away and enjoy her life without me.

I suppose that in the end, I worry about my funeral. I wonder what it will be like. When I was a hell of a lot younger and drank excessively,, I envision a keg of beer at my grave where anyone could drink from it. Then I thought that perhaps a giant joint would be more appropriate, but these times are lost forever in sobriety.

Today, I desire something very simple,, including donating my organs to medical science and then cremate the rest.

But here’s my problem,, how to I get my ashes spread where I want them spread. Perhaps my family might spread them if only I pay them to do so,, or perhaps my friends will spread my ashes as I desire them to be spread, but how will I know if this gets done?

I could pay one of those funeral homes to do it, but that costs a whole bunch of dinero (money) and I don’t know if they would do it.

I suppose I could ask the soon to be ex whose name must never again be mentioned in public to spread my ashes, but probably the only thing she’s interested in is seeing that I burn,, (and I’m sure it would be preferable to her to see me burn prior to my last breath on this great big ball of dirt I call earth).

So, here’s my predicament,, how to get ‘er done,, how to spread my ashes where I want them spread. What can I do about that?

In the end, I’m sure my desires about passing into the great beyond will change and I’ll figure something out, but until then,, I worry about this more and more.

I hope each and every one of you has this figured out and may peace exist in your life each and every day. Remember, be happy.


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