Climbing Back Up

I’ve been in a hole lately and it’s time to get out of it. One of the things I recognize about my life is that when I get into a hole, I need to stop digging. I need to put down the shovel and start climbing to the top of the hole and just get out of it.

So, right now in my life, that’s my main mission,, just to get out of the hole. I can start by doing some very positive things,, like eating better, exercising more and developing my new law practice.

I have this medical condition and that takes a hell of a lot of my energy to cope with it, but I hope that it is getting better and it seems to be little by little. Of course the $90.00 pills help, but mostly, the rest I’m getting is probably the most important thing.

So what I’m wondering is this,, have anyone of you readers ever been standing in a hole and still digging? I just gotta believe that I’m not the only one who is doing that. I also gotta believe that I can change that behavior and I will.

So here’s what I’m saying,, in the end, the holes we dig are holes that we refuse to look into the mirror and see why we do what we do. Maybe, it’s our trauma coping mechanism,, maybe  it’s our repetitive patters, but whatever the reason,, it’s time to stop.

I am aware of this pattern in my life and I’m going to change it into a more healthy pattern,, will you have the courage to do that also? Peace.


2 Responses to “Climbing Back Up”

  1. sean Says:

    There is a great song by ryan adams called down in a hole!

  2. sean Says:

    Ryan adams has a good song about it called “down in a hole”

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