Wow, ICU And Ministrokes (TIA)

Well, I’m a back. I’m at least in Texas right now and have a complete journey to tell you all about. It’s exciting, yet very painful. Right now, I’m still taking some very serious antibiotics and some other medicine.

There’s just so damn much to tell, I really don’t know where to start. I want to thank everyone who wrote, emailed me or just plain old-fashioned called me to find out what is wrong. It means a hell of a lot to me to know that there are so many fine people out there showing support to me.

I suppose that I never appreciated the folks who actually miss me and enjoy me being around because for so long all I ever had around me was a toxic soon to be ex whose name must never again be spoken in public only look out for herself.

I can’t begin to tell everyone just how much I really appreciate them for allowing me to just be me.

Anyway, maybe some of you might want to know what happened. It seems that while I was in NY, I got a bug bite on my leg near my groin. I arrive Wednesday night to stay at the seminar and Thursday morning around 11:00, I notice a little pimple on my leg. The seminar begins and by 4:00 P.M., the little mark had grown to the size of a basketball. I took off from the seminar and went to a doc in the box (urgent care clinic) and they lanced the area of inflammation, packed the wound and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I go back to the seminar.

On Saturday, I go back to the clinic to get the packing removed and am immediately transported to the ER in some other town I can’t pronounce. I’m in the hospital ER and they do some cutting and remove some thing from my leg and then put me on very serious antibiotic IV drips. I find out during this time I have a mersa infection and it is in the skin.

That night, after they admit me, I have a mini stroke and am then put in ICU. I continue the IV drip for several days,, they perform every medical test known to mankind on me,, not once,, but twice for damn near every test. The nurses are wonderful and I really need to thank those folks up there for doing such a wonderful job. I especially want to thank one of my nurses, Kelly, who took the time and made the extra effort to make me fell like a human being and not just some number on a sick ward.

Anyway, I don’t know much, but I can say this,, those folks up in NY ain’t all pushy and rude. I make this observation,, it took 911 to change the attitude of pushy people into damn nice folks, so if you need to make any good from 911,, that’s it. The entire community changes into one of a village,, not just one of selfish motives and desires.

Looks like I keep getting better and finally get to go back to Texas after rescheduling my flight. I get to Texas and meet with a local doc about this mersa. He puts me on some oral meds that cost $90.00 per pill. That’s right,, $90.00 per pill. I may be on those for a very long time or I may have to go back into the hospital shortly. In any event,, I need to rest and just get better.

So there you have it,, the adventures of this Texas Country Trial Lawyer. I guess we’ll see about my health and hopefully the journey will continue. Remember it’s not the experiences in life that are important,, it’s the lessons we learn from them. Peace.


3 Responses to “Wow, ICU And Ministrokes (TIA)”

  1. david Says:

    I am so happy you have survived and are still fighting. I am here for you my friend. Please take care.

  2. sean Says:

    I am glad you r doing better paul!

  3. elizabeth scofield pankhurst Says:


    My God! We are so happy you are back in Texas and in one piece!
    Please remember our home is not large or particularly fancy, but we have a bedroom we could make up for you.

    It was so good to go to my email and see my “Texas Country Trial Lawyer” again!

    I know you might not believe, but I’ll continue to pray for you. You have been through so much that I know it will all turn around for you.

    Elizabeth and gang.

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