Emergency Surgery In New York

I’m waiting to go under the knife as I write this post. I am in New York and facing a medical emergency that requires cutting on me.

I don’t know the doctor, the hospital,, or the drugs they are going to give me,, in fact,, the damn scalpel looks rusty.

So here it is,, my truth,, time to go under,, and me without my insurance card. Hell, I might be at a vet clinic.  Fuck, I need my insurance. I wonder if they’ll give  me a Rush Limbaugh cocktail or not.

Oh crap,, we’ll see.

Peace and good night.


2 Responses to “Emergency Surgery In New York”

  1. elizabeth scofield pankhurst Says:

    Where in New York? New York has some wonderful hospitals and doctors? You are in my prayers. Is there anything we can do?


  2. martin seinfeld Says:

    where are you? what hospital? call me.

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