Trying It Out

Welcome, I’m trying my self out. I just have been introduced to me and guess what,, I like him. It’s every so often that I go through life and wonder about myself,, my dreams,, my goals,, my desires.

I am finding out that by being alone and doing the work on the mountain,, I find me in the process. No more do I have to spend years of time and truck loads of emotions on pleasing others,, just learning about me is a great gift.

I do not want to wake up one day and be the old alcoholic,, the old drunk who relies upon his reputation,, I am alive.

Each day, I get stronger and stronger. I see more and more, and I am blessed with an inquisitive mind to find answers about me.

I can remember a time in my life when I sought answers just for me and found solutions. But during that time, I am young and have the instinct to mate,, to bond,, to live with someone else and to be connected to them. I never took the time just to be alone with me.

I never found the inner adult,, the inner child and the inner light,, all together as one. The closest I ever get to that is when I study my kung-fu and begin to examine me.

Oh how the years in the Western life and the trappings of material things shape the person into making me forget who or what I really am. It is no wonder I did so many drugs and drank so much alcohol.

So here I am again,, exploring me,, I love this long-awaited journey again. Peace.


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