Going To Work

I’m off to work again. Off to work on myself again. I am getting ready to begin anew and realize I need a suitcase to travel with.

I begin to see the advantage of traveling light and I see how the movie “Up in the air” applies in my life. I move around a lot and get to see a hell of a lot of things others don’t.

I also work on core issues within me others don’t work on.

In the end, I’m just a guy that enjoys going to work. Peace.

2 Responses to “Going To Work”

  1. Sean Says:

    Dude; your posts are filled with a lot of pride. A lot of references to your “search” is about digging within. Unfortunately, most of lifes answers are not held within ones self. It is not a simple search for a key to unlock what is within one’s self. Most of what we are looking for is in the realm of “other”.

    Ever consider the reason your working on “core issues others don’t work on” is b/c they don’t need to? Ever think that from the outside you are like the guy surveying a wheel, trying to figure out how to make it roll better? While the rest of the world seems quite content with the idea that the wheel seems to work fairly well with all of it’s roundness.

    Just a thought from someone who spent way too much time working on perfection while missing it all the time.

    • paul2413 Says:

      I suppose that if it is one’s desire to be fluid like water,, one should always look to see why certain parts of the river are ice.

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