Working On Self Alone

I am working on myself alone and I am hoping that people out there can respect that wish of mine. I work on issues that arise as I go on my journey discovering me and I notice that over time, people want to help.

I appreciate help from those good folk who offer it, but help always comes with a price. Sometimes it is a price I’m just not willing to pay. I will not pay a tremendous price anymore, until I’m ready to do so.

I find that just for me, working on myself requires some alone time just to process and be, not to interact with those whose own path is different from mine.

Frankly, there are things in this world I’m just experiencing for the first time ever and I like to be alone when I try these new things. I like trying new foods, new ways of living my life and I’m getting tired of people scripting the show or not letting me script life.

So, I guess in the end, the process of living is also the process of being comfortable being alone with yourself. Peace.


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