Trauma Bonds

It is important in life for me to understand the trauma bonds that have become my survival techniques. I am convinced that over time, trauma is a major driving force in my life.

My trauma is certainly not your trauma, and I believe everyone has trauma, but none the less,, it is trauma to me.

My trauma bonds occur when I link aspects of my life to my current situation and present place in life. I find that I need work in areas of my life I did not even imagine possible.

I find, over time, repeating behavioral patterns that govern my decision-making process in the here and now. I want to break those bonds and move forward.

I can not solve anyone else’s problems,, the best I can do is work on mine,, which I am doing on a daily basis. For that, I am grateful.



One Response to “Trauma Bonds”

  1. DKNun Says:

    Please google ‘Brains on Purpose’- lady lawyer/gentleman PhD neuro-brainio-anthro …(joking …his focus of research is widely recognized and respected in medicine
    I want to leave him my brain- no joke.

    PTSD/ Severe Head/Brain Trauma/ cervical radiculopathy,spondylosis, degenerative arthritis,
    asthma (or now known RAD, reactive airway disease –

    I’ve been working on becoming a desirable and interesting research speciman for a long, long time #:(

    I honestly believe my whole life has been to prepare me to survive/succeed this civil probate conundrum…I ‘m still alive, but it is important to share a little “heads up” story that might help you someday; I hope yo never need this advice, but you;ll have it if you need it.

    I had alot more to live for than just me; my boys have always been very precious to me, and they inspired me.
    I believe that by going back to school for my respiratory care training/license was also supportive to my mental/emotional restoration/retread; one complimented the other and I truly did grow, bloom, succeed beyond my wildest expectations. I did what I did myself. My boys
    and I went back to Houston to live with my mother because she wanted us to, came to Washington County to take us home with her. It was good for all 4 of us. I once believed it was also a blessing for her husband too. He is not who he seemed to be before mother first got sick. He has had serious emotional issues from trauma in his childhood, mother saw something in him -she married him and took on his three kids. He and I have had issues forever; he is a very strange man. He was abusive to my mother after she became sick (breast ca) and while I noticed some signs of that I wrote ir off to cancer and chemo. I was told by my sis/bro in law after she died…which is ridiculous but is too late. When she died, this man went charles manson…

    the point here is that I made a huge mistake that almost killed me. I trusted my personal history with her and the familial dysfunction so she would understand why it was so important to me to get the estate closed, privately, quickly.
    and without harm to my son, the patsy and fall guy for husband and his lawyers…. She was not who we knew
    her to be, she is has had all my records from my psychiatrist that she read, used like a road map to play me like a fiddle-and still has these records…for???…April 2006 she did not leave one chamber in her gun empty when she misrepresented EVERYTHING she set me up for..and I trusted her like a lamb to the slaughter, even let her tie a bell around my neck and Iled my husband, sister, and PRECNANT niece right through the shoot and I hardly…
    ALL I AM SURE IS SAD BUT TRUE DON’T show your heart or trust that shit to ANYBODY…without understanding its like telling them “there a million cash in the trunk of the Bentley, small, unmarked bills; car title & jewelry in the glove box, keys in the ignition; I’ll let you lock me in the closet now if you promise to come back in 5 minutes…

    There’s a quote about how it is impossible to get anywhere fighting the wind but it is possible by bending to it…


    (when I got out of bed the following June because God would not let me die yet, I started reading and researching LAW dot orgs,govs,edus and found ‘Brains on Purpose’.
    I read the stuff about what they have compiled & I was saying as I read, “Yeah! I did that!” etc.

    If I can do it, anybody can. See you using that shit, not visa verce…

    And whatever is the worst thing you are…what if you were like the deadbeat I just told you about? You look pretty damn good now, don’t you???

    God bless-

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