Oh Well Again

Oh well again is the title of today’s post. It has nothing to do with law and everything to do with life. I often wonder just how many people say that saying, (or one similar to it) and then wake up and feel the results of their decisions.

It is so often true for me that this saying is played over and over and over again,, like the movie groundhog day,  until it becomes a habit. Once the habit is recognized,, the pattern may be broken. Oh well again.

I say in life we repeat our trauma coping experiences when new traumas confront themselves, until we either live in groundhog day or we move forward with something new. Oh well again.

I begin to see patterns that repeat themselves in my life,, oh well again,, and I’m tired of them. If I keep walking in the same direction, I’m gonna get to the same place. I want to change the direction of my path. Oh well again is very familiar and comfortable, but is not the path that leads to changes in one’s journey.

I am tired, and I’m tired of oh well again,, are you? Peace.


One Response to “Oh Well Again”

  1. DKNun Says:

    Oh Well? That is a deep subject……

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